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Technology Talk: Walk the DIY Walk with Ease

July 17, 2008

What does it cost you everyday to fight with your technology tools?

Does your struggle leave you overwhelmed and beaten?

What would it mean to you to spend two hours to ADD sizzle to your Facebook profile?

How much more productive would your day be if you understood how to make your WordPress blog shine?  

I’m the DIY Queen when it comes to technology.  I’m walking through technology and I want you to come along!

You get the Open Microphone treatment to ask questions about how-to DO-IT-YOURSELF:

You’re invited to this F*REE Webinar
Friday, July 18th at 3 pm

We’ll stop when we stop (up to two hours) so you feel confident and sure about how to do more to support yourself in business.

The webinar will be recorded so definitely sign-up NOW!!

Featured Tools:
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage (HTML)
Word Press
Web Hosting Platforms

I hear from someone EVERYDAY asking me how to do this or that.  I’ve decided to help as many people as possible END the DIY struggle and get back to what you really love.

Register NOW:
Friday, July 18th at 3 pm Eastern

Featured Tools:
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage
Word Press
Web Hosting Platforms
What’s it worth to you to get the DIY help you need from someone who knows?!


Put on your learning cap and let’s walk the technology walk together.


Welcome to the Group Mastery Blog!

July 13, 2008

Yes, the Group Mastery Blog is up and running.  How KEWL is that?!   At the same time, I have the pleasure of sharing lots of juicy and delicious content through this wonderful tool called a blog.

The purpose of the Group Mastery blog is to coach, teach, share, enlighten, laugh and lead:

Coach speakers, workshop faciliators, seminar leaders, trainers and other service professionals on group coaching skills.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Co-Active Coaching and Law of Attraction concept are at the heart of everything we do at Group Mastery. 

Teach group coaching skill and group management concepts.

Share recommended experts, emerging social networking tools and innovative technical strategies to help readers grow personally and professionally.

Enlighten solopreneurs in ways to dig deep for stronger connections that ensure lifelong client relationships.

Laugh often and encourage a viral explosion of just having fun on the web.

Lead the global community as a business owner and group coach.

I want you to enjoy reading this blog just as much as I enjoy writing it.  That means I welcome lots of feedback to challenge my brain.  I love closing my messages by saying, “I look forward to learning with you.”  Every comment is a great opportunity for me to learn from you and with you.  I love that!

Here are just a few topics I plan to write about in the future:

How to Use Group Coaching to Grow Your Business

  1. Retooling your business to lead groups
  2. What I’ve learned about affiliate programs that help boost my groups
  3. My favorite folks to learn from

Content-rich group programs

  1. Why content is the QUEEN!
  2. Technology tools that help build content
  3. Content and the Law of Attraction
  4. Content and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Group Coaching Skills

  1. Cultivating Lifelong Client Relationships
  2. Showcasing Your Expertise
  3. Conversion Strategies that work

and lot’s more. 

I hope with every word that pours out of my brain that you try something new, thing something different and grow in your mastery of groups!

I look forward to learning with you!