Technology Talk: Walk the DIY Walk with Ease

What does it cost you everyday to fight with your technology tools?

Does your struggle leave you overwhelmed and beaten?

What would it mean to you to spend two hours to ADD sizzle to your Facebook profile?

How much more productive would your day be if you understood how to make your WordPress blog shine?  

I’m the DIY Queen when it comes to technology.  I’m walking through technology and I want you to come along!

You get the Open Microphone treatment to ask questions about how-to DO-IT-YOURSELF:

You’re invited to this F*REE Webinar
Friday, July 18th at 3 pm

We’ll stop when we stop (up to two hours) so you feel confident and sure about how to do more to support yourself in business.

The webinar will be recorded so definitely sign-up NOW!!

Featured Tools:
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage (HTML)
Word Press
Web Hosting Platforms

I hear from someone EVERYDAY asking me how to do this or that.  I’ve decided to help as many people as possible END the DIY struggle and get back to what you really love.

Register NOW:
Friday, July 18th at 3 pm Eastern

Featured Tools:
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage
Word Press
Web Hosting Platforms
What’s it worth to you to get the DIY help you need from someone who knows?!


Put on your learning cap and let’s walk the technology walk together.


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2 Responses to “Technology Talk: Walk the DIY Walk with Ease”

  1. Andrea Amador Says:

    Wendy, You are truly one of the most giving and authentically wise marketers today. Before I attended your 2 hour teleseminar, “DIY Walk with Ease”, I’d spent thousands of dollars attempting to market my products in a way that maintained my integrity and felt right to me, without being too ‘salesy’ I was making the big mistake of constantly giving away my services for free because I considered my work with women to be a sort of ministry in healing a broken self image.

    I don’t resonate with creating hype and blowing smoke. That’s not for me. I’m into creating value for the customer and overdelivering. Many of today’s marketers scowl at the prospect of doing anything without charging an arm and a leg. I don’t feel that way, and as a result it was hard for me to get beyond giving my services away to actually charging. With your expert guidance, I’ve learned to think about marketing as a relationship building process whereby with time, value increases exponentially. Thanks to you, you’ve given me a real time role model of how I can give from my heart and create undeniable value so that my customers keep coming back for more juicy goodies. Now I create win/win situations for both me and my clients Wendy, You’re a rock star!

  2. Dr. Nili Marcia Says:

    Hi Wendy,

    That was a wonderful technology session you just did for me! I learned a lot. I learned how two people can drive one computer. 😉 I found out how to view and understand my Google analytics. I found out how to develop a membership site. And as a bonus I loved your showing me how to get on Twitter where I am now officially @drnili without needing to use a cell phone which I had mistakenly thought was how to tweet. Pretty great stuff in just one hour!

    I appreciate your generosity in giving this first session free.

    Wishing you lots more success in your business.
    Thank you so much!
    Dr. Nili Marcia

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