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Powerfully Persuasive Marketing Pumps Profits

August 22, 2008

Persuasive marketing involves emotions.  Very simply, every word you speak or write has to touch deeply, genuinely inspire and intentionally motivate your audience to act.   Ok, so maybe that’s not so simple. 🙂  I thought stirring emotions was pretty easy the first time I heard about persuasive marketing.  I quickly learned the real value for business growth as well as for boosting profits.   

Truly persuasive marketing requires a clear understanding of your audience as well as their emotional state.   Know what emotions you want to stir and how you want to stir them.  Organize your speech strategically and choose your words very carefully. 

I’ve mastered the art of persuasive marketing by asking a few simple questions:

  1. Who is my audience? 
  2. How does my audience feel?
  3. What emotions do I want my audience to feel?
  4. How do I want my audience to feel these emotions? 
  5. Where (in their bodies) do I want my audience to feel these emotions? 
  6. What words illicit the emotions I want my audience to feel?


Persuasive marketing is one element of your marketing efforts that ultimately guarantees big profits and phenomenal growth.

How are you doing with your persuasive marketing?


A Pebble in the Water

August 19, 2008

I was about to turn in for the night and thought I’d check my emails one last time.  One subject line stood out…”A Special Tribute to Susan ‘Suze’ Race.”   I thought, ” How kewl that Susan is once again being recognized for an outstanding contribution.”  I opened the email and began to read it in excitement for what I knew would be a well-deserved honor.  My excitement quickly faded to shock and then, sadness.  Nothing could’ve prepared me for the news of her sudden passing earlier this month.

Susan E. Race was a genuinely delightful spirit that visited us for awhile.  Professionally, she was an awesome coach, powerful communicator, talented writer and exceptional teacher.  I loved talking with her because she always made me feel infinitely more joyful than I did when our conversation began.  I admired her as a colleague and loved her as a friend. 

When you drop a pebble into water, notice the ripples it creates.  Each ripple grows larger and stretches on and on.  In fact, it feels like the ripples will never end.  The pebble forever changes the way the water flows.  One tiny pebble makes a lifechanging impact on the water.

Like a pebble in the water, Susan touched many lives, making a significant and delightful impact on those she met.  Her local coach chapter in Philadelphia, PA welcomes the community of people who knew and loved her to share in remembering.

Thursday, August 28th at 7 pm EST
Call on Bridge Line:    1-712-429-0700  
Participant Pin  343865

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

~ Scott Adams

Create Content-Rich Group Coaching Programs

August 18, 2008
Last week, I taught a teleseminar about group coaching.  What a great group!  It was highly interactive and the feedback confirmed those who attended learned something new about group coaching.  Over the next several days, I’ll share a bit more information about each of these secrets you’ve gotta know to develop content-rich group coaching programs.
Audio Excerpt

Audio Excerpt: 5 Secrets for Developing Content-Rich Group Programs

Secret #1:  Focus on ONE ideal client or learner.

Secret #2:  Clarify client outcomes as a beacon of light in the fog.

Secret #3:  Evoke Benefits in EVERY aspect of your program.

Secret #4:  Demonstrate the value of your program via laser coaching.

Secret #5:  Use emotional relevance as the driving force for delivering your content.

What’s your secret to creating abundantly rich group coaching programs?