Powerfully Persuasive Marketing Pumps Profits

Persuasive marketing involves emotions.  Very simply, every word you speak or write has to touch deeply, genuinely inspire and intentionally motivate your audience to act.   Ok, so maybe that’s not so simple. 🙂  I thought stirring emotions was pretty easy the first time I heard about persuasive marketing.  I quickly learned the real value for business growth as well as for boosting profits.   

Truly persuasive marketing requires a clear understanding of your audience as well as their emotional state.   Know what emotions you want to stir and how you want to stir them.  Organize your speech strategically and choose your words very carefully. 

I’ve mastered the art of persuasive marketing by asking a few simple questions:

  1. Who is my audience? 
  2. How does my audience feel?
  3. What emotions do I want my audience to feel?
  4. How do I want my audience to feel these emotions? 
  5. Where (in their bodies) do I want my audience to feel these emotions? 
  6. What words illicit the emotions I want my audience to feel?


Persuasive marketing is one element of your marketing efforts that ultimately guarantees big profits and phenomenal growth.

How are you doing with your persuasive marketing?


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4 Responses to “Powerfully Persuasive Marketing Pumps Profits”

  1. Karen McMillan Says:

    You always know how to go deep and really connect. GREAT TIPs!!!

    Your blog reminds us that we need to go further with the usual, “traditional” question of “Who is my audience?”. I believe most folks skip your tips #2-6 and go straight from “who is my audience” to “what do they want to hear?” or worse yet, “What should I say (to them)?” If they follow, they are sure to see more connection, be more present with their audience and connect.

    Peace, joy and profit,
    The Conscious Business Coach

  2. Beverly Mahone Says:


    To tell you the truth I never thought of Persuasive Marketing but what you’ve written makes sense. It should be every business person’s desire and intent to make their target audience feel good. If they feel good, you’ll make sales right?

    As a journalist, I am big on words people use to express themselves or something. Words (and how you SAY them) can make or break your presentation.

    Thanks for directing me (a fellow Tweeter) to this blog.

  3. barbarafaison Says:

    Great tips on how to market while also connecting on various levels with your audience. Even in simple conversations you always do a great job of touching on all the emotions and senses to be sure that whoever you are talking to is connected with the points you are making.

    Tell me something and I might remember- make me feel something I will definitely remember that feeling and be more willing to become a client.
    Thanks for helping understand the importance of persuasive marketing.

    Thanks for being passionate about your calling – you are the Ultimate Coach.

    Living by Design,
    Barbara J. Faison

  4. Tonya Mitchell Peele Says:


    Thanks for creating this space where business owners can continuously learn ways to improve their craft. You have a gift for creating rich content in a simple format. Gotta run…..have to rework some of my content!!

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