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Wendy Y. Bailey

Hi I’m Wendy Y. Bailey.  I’ve been leading virtual and live groups since before I officially started my coaching business in 2002.  I cut my teeth with groups when I worked in the IT/telecom industry as a process manager, project manager and program manager.  Each of those roles taught me how to work cooperatively and collaboratively with people to get things done.  I must’ve been doing something right because at one point I was selected as the favorite project manager in my division.  KEWL, huh?  I learned so much about myself at the same time.  You know, what motivates me and what motivates others. 

Then I moved into senior management.  Boy, did that ever teach me about collaboration, people and personality and ME, ME, ME. 

In 2001, I was “voted off the island” and decided to take the opportunity to discover what to do now that I was really grown up.  🙂

It didn’t take me long to find my way to coaching. It’s been a really kewl journey and I’ve loved every bit of it.

Everything I’ve ever done prepared me to coach.  Every job, every conversation, every relationship…EVERYTHING! 

Here are few highlights:

I’m the single mother of an 18 year old son.  At the age of four, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  I’ve spent most of his life being an advocate for the rights of special needs children and learning how to practice extreme self-care.  He’s almost finished with high school now — just one more semester to go.  Motherhood is a genuinely fulfilling experience!

I started my first business at 17.  Even though it was Amway (a business not thought of too highly at the time), I worked it.  I discovered my love for connecting with people in the process.  I’ve had a couple of other businesses since then but by far coaching is THE business for me.  I’ve been able to maintain consistent growth in many areas every step of the way.

I love to learn and I use the most unlikely sources as learning opportunities.  Quotes from movies, characters on a TV show, details from biographies and more.  Everything gives me a different perspective and challenges in some very kewl way.  I LOVE THAT!

My learning journey includes Coach U, Coach Training Alliance, CoachVille and the Fearless Living Institute and a few other traditional learning programs, too…

Certified Experienced Coach (CEC) certifies that I successfully coached 100 individual coaching clients.  The timeline was 18 months and I did it in about 7!  How KEWL is that?!  My mentor coach at the time, Julia Stewart (www.ExperiencedCoach.com) challenged me to greater heights.

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner (CNLPP) certifies that I completed the program and examination process to practice NLP.  Dr. Cherry Collier (www.NLPBootCamp.com) was my NLP trainer.  So much information and lots of juicy learning!  Download Dr. C’s NLP Brochure  My goal is to finalize my NLP training with the Master Practitioner Program which includes Master NLP Coach and NLP Hypnotherapist training, as well.  I’m so excited about the possibilities.

I’ve poured all of me (like I do everything) into Group Mastery for Speakers, Trainers and Workshop Leaders.  My goal is to rock the planet with group coaching.  You better get ready!!

Contact me at Group Mastery


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