DIY Tech Talk – Walk the Technology Walk with Ease

The response to the DIY Talks has been overwhelming.  More than 60 people signed up and 43 people attended live for the talk about Facebook!  Apparently, everybody needs more technology talk.  That’s pretty kewl!

What does it cost you everyday to fight with your technology tools?

Does your struggle leave you overwhelmed and beaten?

What would it mean to you to spend two hours to ADD sizzle to your Facebook profile?

How much more productive would your day be if you understood how to make your WordPress blog shine?

I’m the DIY Queen when it comes to technology. Every month I spend 90 minutes walking through a different technology tool for the DIY in you.  I invite experts and we learn as we go.

You get the open microphone treatment to ask questions about how-to DO-IT-YOURSELF. 

I hear from someone EVERYDAY asking me how to do this or that. I’ve decided to help as many people as possible END the DIY struggle and get back to doing what you really love.

What’s it worth to you to get the DIY help you need from someone who knows?!


Put on your learning cap and let’s walk the technology walk together.  View Upcoming Schedule


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